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Full Spectrum CMH Lighting System!
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Endomaxx Lighting

Endomaxx Single Element CMH Lighting System

Endomaxx is the world leader in fuller spectrum Ceramic Metal Halide systems. We were the first to offer a CMH AKA "LEC" system that did not need to be used on 9 square feet per light. With the Endomaxx systems running at 150 and 315 watts conservatively, you can quickly see why Endomaxx brands in the world leader in CMH horticulture system.

Most competitors say you need to run their 315-watt lighting systems at 9 square feet. Simply hanging a light on this recommended spacing does not reduce the electrical load on the meter. This does not reduce the A/C load that is also eating away at the bottom line of profit.

As the retail prices on product keep dropping and the cost of production keeps rising, the only way to overcome this is to understand the dynamics of horticulture grow environment and stop thinking that prices are going to get better, because they're not going too.

The only way to recover your profits is to learn how to use the same amount of energy that hits the face of the earth which is 341 watts meters squared per N.A.S.A. Once a grower figured this out, then and only then, will grow operation be able to sustain itself long term. until then most if not all are just robbing Peter to pay Paul.

Any solid accountant will validate this with a P/L statement.

Endomaxx Dual Element Lamp Systems

Since Endomaxx is the leader in CMH grow light technology worldwide, we are constantly pushing the envelope of extreme spectrum lamps and the systems to run them.
When we introduced the 320-watt duel element lamp to the marketplace, many competitors called us crazy and said this could not work. As we at Endomaxx proved more and more that full spectrum is always better then high wattage with poor equality of red light for horticulture growing needs, the very same competitors have all started to offer poorly made CMH, AKA LEC systems to the marketplace all claiming to be as good as Endomaxx systems.

You also see many online gurus claiming may things about these poorly made products to be the same as Endomaxx brands, but this is simply not true. All one simply has to do is look and see how many growers are truly using this lighting system for more than one run before they get rid of them for higher quality CMH lighting systems.

These swapmeet style vendors tend to change their name every few years to avoid warranties that the customer expects to have when their lighting systems fail. 

When spending your hard earned money you should expect to a company to stand by the products and warranties of said products. in the end, you get what you pay for. In the electronics industry, they have a saying junk in is still junk out regardless of the marketing budget to hype it up.

Genetic Drift

Since the owner of Endomaxx lighting systems is a breeder at heart, he has been manufacturing Endomaxx lighting to give the best equality of light to the plants for a closer to natural sunlight for healthy seeds stock and long-term genetic stability for cloning from the seeds stocks.

Many breeders worldwide have started to use the Endomaxx brands CMH luminaire system just for that. they have also noticed a reduction in genetic drift and less hermie prone seeds stocks that is common in breeding programs under HPS lighting systems.

There are five factors that affect a plant to cause genetic drift, these factors are mutation, migration, genetic drift, natural selection, and poor equality of light. Now four out of five of this things are unavoidable part of evolution, but one is completely controllable by the breeders.

During the last two decades, the study of photobiology has proven that all high-level plants on earth have four times as many blue light receptors versus red light receptors. it is this factor alone that speeds up the genetic drift process versus natural selection. After all genetic drift is a mechanism of evolution and can not be stopped in any breeding program, it is better to not speed it up by the killing of all the bioluminescent bacteria when breeding under sodium lights.

Endomaxx Lighting System