Hanging hooks

Marijuana Grow System Light Hooks
Marijuana Grow System Light Hooks

This is a pair of Luminaire V-shaped hanger hooks used to hang all the Endomaxx 50 watt COB Killer, Endomaxx 100 watt COB Killer, Endomaxx 150H, Endomaxx 315H Horticulture Lighting System, Endomaxx 320 Juggernought Greenhouse Luminaire products.

This hooks can be used on any Reflector's manufactured by Hydrofarm, Sunllight Supply, Gavita, Blackdog LED, Kind LED, or just about any other LIGHTING REFLECTOR. Endomaxx is the nation's premier manufacturer of MADE IN AMERICA  grow lights and hydroponics equipment.

Dimensions: 6 in × 6 in × 6 in
Weight: 1 lb